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The price of participation:

Stand of 4 sq.m. -
1190 euros
Stand of 6 sq.m. -
1590 euros
Stand of 8 sq.m.
1990 euros

Participation includes:

completely furnished stand, information in the fair catalogue 1 black and white page, lunch for 2 people during 3 days of the fair.

For more details about the fair, advertisement in the catalogue or any further question please dont hesitate to contact us.

Over the last six years the amount of the Ukrainian students who went to study abroad increased from 21,5 to 47,7 thousands persons. Its confirmed by the results of research conducted by CEDOS based on the data from ministries, statistical departments and University associations of different countries.

Annual monitoring of the number of Ukrainian citizens who study in foreign universities for full-time covers 34 countries where citizens of Ukraine enter to statistics compilation.

The number of Ukrainian students at foreign universities as of the 2013/2014 academic year is 47,724 people. Among the most preferred countries for studies were Poland, Germany, Russia, Canada, Czech Republic, Italy, USA, Spain, France, Australia, UK.

The growth dinamics from 2009 to 2014 is 79%.

Comparing the last two years, this increase is 22% or 8492 person. Almost 2/3 of this increase were Ukrainians who study at Polish Universities. They showed the most rapid increase, both in absolute and relative index - from 9620 to 14951 people.

Also significant relative and absolute growth of Ukrainian students was in  Australian, Canadian, British, Czech and Italian Universities.

Number of Ukrainian students abroad (full-time studies) 2013-2014
Russia 6029
Poland 14951
Germany 9212
Canada 2053
Czech Rep. 2019
Italy 1894
USA 1464
Spain 1418
France 1320
Australia 1074
Great Britain 1040
Austria 943
Hungary 807
Bulgaria 463
Switzerland 397
Sweden 139
Turkey 360
Latvia 233
Key Indicators
Students abroad:
Total number of mobile students abroad 39,627
(% of total mobile students) 1.1
Outbound mobility ratio 1.7
Gross outbound enrolment ratio 1.3

Students hosted:
Total number of mobile students hosted 43,609
(% of total mobile students) 1.2
Inbound mobility rate

Among the fair participants there are educational institutions from different countries, such as Great Britain, Germany,  Canada, Cyprus, Switzerland, Austria, Czech Republic, Israel, Greece, Poland, USA, Turkey and others. Leading educational agencies of Ukraine also take part in the fair. Poland educational institutions are represented in a separate pavilion.

Direct communication with representatives of foreign educational institutions gives an opportunity to obtain first hand information and take a final decision on studying abroad.

Why participate in the fair:


  • The biggest educational fair in Ukraine
  • More then 7000 visitors during  3 days of the fair school children with parents, students, young professionals,  employees of educational area, representatives of educational agencies
  • All leading educational agencies traditionally take part in the fair
  • Official catalogue of the fair is given free of charge to all visitors
  • The fair is held in the very center of Kiev
  • Wide advertising campaign
  • The fair is supported by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.


information about the fair

On 6-8 April 2017  in Ukrainian House (Ukraine, Kiev, Kreschatyk street, 2) will be held the annual international specialized fair Education and Career 2017 and the fair of foreign educational institutions Education Abroad.

Organizers Society Znannya (Knowledge) of Ukraine with support and participation of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and National Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine.  The fair is also supported by the European Union, Embassy of France, Embassy of Canada, Trade Department of the Embassy of Austria, Embassy of Israel, as well as Campus France, DAAD, British Council, Goethe Institute, representation of Rossotrudnichestvo in Ukraine.

The program of the fair includes presentations of participants, seminars and round tables. Representatives of Ukrainian and foreign educational institutions work on the stands consulting the visitors and exchanging experiences.

Participants of the fair "Education Abroad"
17-19 November 2016