Letter from the Ministry of Science and Education of Ukraine

Letter from the Ministry of Science and Education of Ukraine

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About the exhibition
"Education and Career Students Day2018"

Directors of departments (heads of departments) of education and science of regional, Kyiv city state administration
Heads of higher educational institutions
Directors of Vocational Educational Institutions
Directors (rectors) of postgraduate education institutes
Heads of enterprises, firms, agencies, publishing houses, corporations, associations, foundations

The Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine informs that the Thirty-third international specialized exhibition "Education and Career Students Day 2018" will be held on 15-17 November 2018 at the National Center for Business and Cultural Cooperation "Ukrainian House" (Kyiv, Khreshchatyk Str., 2).

The Society "Knowledge" of Ukraine organizes and conducts the event with the support and participation of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, the National Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine.

The aim of the exhibition is to present national and foreign educational institutions, youth projects, exchange programs for students and youth, study the experience of cooperation with European countries in the field of education and employment of young people, hold seminars and round tables on further development of the education system, international cooperation and the introduction of modern innovative technologies in the field of education, familiarization of future entrants with the conditions of admission to the domestic and foreign educational institutions.

We invite you to participate.

Contact telephones of the organizing committee: +38 (044) 237-85-43, 287-37-43,
mob. tel .: +38 (063) 237-85-43, +38 (093) 676-53-38
E-mail: expo@znannya.org.ua, voloshina@znannya.org.ua

Website: www.osvitainfo.com.ua

Deputy Director Y. M. Rashkevich